Thank you for your interest in working with BlueLight Commercial, the brand new national police procurement support company.

There are 43 police services in England and Wales, with separate organisations in both Scotland and Northern Ireland. In addition, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and British Transport Police services protect our critical nuclear infrastructure and national transport networks. Collectively, all these vitally important bodies spend around £2.5billion of public money annually.

Aligned with the Policing Vision 2025 document, BlueLight Commercial has been created as the ‘go-to’ place to provide strategic advice and tactical guidance to commercial and operational colleagues across the sector nationally. In these roles you will have a unique opportunity to help shape and enhance the way in which policing is supported commercially, impacting directly on the way in which law enforcement operates in the 21st century. By helping to ensure that the most efficient and effective commercial arrangements are in place, you will play a direct part in ensuring that every penny of taxpayers’ money has the maximum impact in helping to prevent and investigate crime.

By taking a collegiate, proactive and professional approach, we will raise the commercial capability of policing (and other bluelight services) at all levels, and develop ‘commercial’ as a strategic risk-based business function delivering the best value and maximising the benefits to the front line. You will work closely with a wide range of stakeholders, including Police and Crime Commissioners, Chief Constables, the Home Office, government procurement and commercial organisations and professional procurement leads, to continue the progress made in breaking down silo working. A background in policing is not essential, but what will be is the passion, vision drive and commercial focus to make a difference to the sector.

This is vitally important work. BlueLight Commercial will play a genuinely important role at a time of unprecedented change and growth for policing. The addition of 20,000 new police officers over the next four years is great news and by helping to ensure that waste and inefficiency becomes a thing of the past in all commercial arrangements, we will maximise the impact these new officers will have on the safety and security of our communities.

We thank you again for taking the first step towards joining us and look forward to exploring your place in this exciting endeavour in due course. For more information on BlueLight Commercial - including details of our current team, governance arrangements and roadmap for the future – please visit our public-facing website.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Scott
PCC for Kent
BlueLight Commercial Board Chair
Lianne Deeming

Bluelight Commercial